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Post  MinaKitsune on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:43 pm

Species: Wolf.

Name: Donovan.

Nickname: Donny.

Age: 4 years old.

Pelt: Reddish brown.

Markings: White mask, underside, legs, and tail. He has black markings around the outline of his face and his ears are black.

Gender: Male.

Eye color: Yellow green.

Personality: Donovan is a natural born leader, he's direct, firm, and knows what he's doing. When an underling disobeys he doesn't think twice about punishment. He has a difficult time not being in control, and absolutely hates being told what to do. However, no matter how rough he seems, he has a soft spot for pups.

History: Donovan wasn't raised with his half-sister Mina, but was raised in a completely different pack. Their packs were once at war, but Donovan and Mina's father felt it was only right to make peace. One thing led to another, and Donovan was born. Their father's little fling to make a treaty was only that, a fling. After Donovan was born, their father had already gotten Mina's mother pregnant with her.

Donovan was always on good terms with his father, and often visited his father's pack. He and Mina are very good friends, and decided now was the time to go off together to make their own pack.

Strength(s): Leading, hunting, running.

Weakness(es): Tracking, swimming, raising pups.

Other: Mina is his half-sister.

Picture: Donovan the Wolf Wolf-7

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