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Post  MinaKitsune on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:40 pm

Species: Wolf.

Name: Mina.

Nickname: None.

Age: 3 years old.

Pelt: Black & White.

Markings: A white mask, white underside, white paws/legs, and a white tipped tail.

Gender: Female.

Eye color: Blue.

Personality: Mina is kind, loving, and a very generous animal. She's always been very motherly and cannot wait to have pups. However, she lets her emotions get in the way a lot.

History: Mina was raised in a large pack, she was lucky enough to be born after the treaty between her father's pack and Donovan's mother's pack. When Mina was a yearling she began baby sitting for the mothers of the pack, and realized that she was born to be a mother.

Donovan visited her frequently, one day they decided to go off and start their own pack. Right now they're off, trying to find reliable members.

Strength(s): Mothering, running and tracking.

Weakness(es): Leading, fighting and hunting.

Other: Mina is considered small for a wolf, so in a fight she would be terribly injured.
She has a half-brother named Donovan.

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