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Hatter ♦ | Male | Catty Raccoon Empty Hatter ♦ | Male | Catty Raccoon

Post  Sway on Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:31 pm

Hatter ♦ | Male | Catty Raccoon 4532672508_d4d45c16ec
Mad as a March hare;
Name: Hatter

Nickname: Open

Gender: Male

Age: Four years

Species: Raccoon (With permission, of course)

Eye color: Black

Pelt: Dull grey/brown with black accents and white highlights

Markings: Black mask; Ringed tail

Personality: Hatter is well adjusted to his solitaire life as a raccoon, though he will occasionally welcome the attention of other critters. He’s not terribly hostile, but at the same time he can turn on someone in an instant. He’s convinced he’s a cat, attempting to make a purring noise that just sounds like a happy growl. He represents the body language of a cat; wagging his tail when he’s unhappy and making his awful purr when he’s happy. He likes to lounge around in the sun with his eyes closed and just soak in the sun.

History: Hatter had a normal life. He was born to a raccoon mother in a dead tree trunk. He never knew his father seeing as how his father seemed to love and leave once his part was finished. His mom taught him the basics; how to tail a wolf pack for a free ticket to scraps and how to make a clean get away with no injuries. When the time came, he broke off from his family and began his solitary life. Later on in his life he discovered cats; something he found to fit his personality. Since then he’s been convinced he was a cat.

Strength(s): Tracking and creating the perfect getaway

Weakness(es): Fighting and running

Other: Notta

Picture: [x] [x] [x]

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Hatter ♦ | Male | Catty Raccoon Empty Re: Hatter ♦ | Male | Catty Raccoon

Post  MinaKitsune on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:42 pm

Haha, so adorable! Approved <3

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