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Co-Admin Needed

Post  Sway on Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:28 pm

I've had a big cat roleplay sitting around for a while from another site. Ever since it died I've been wanting to make it a site. I'm not too firmiliar with running a site and all of the html stuff, so I'm going to need someone who is. I'll post the plot for you and, if you're interrested, feel free to either post below or send me a PM.

earth's | only | twin
with a twist

When you think of Earth what comes to mind? Humans, creatures, pollution? Maybe even green? Now imagine if that world had a twin. A twin that had all the same features-waterfalls, grass, safaris- but ruled by four tribes of big cats and each time a prey animal would die two more would be born in its place.

These big cats reign from around the world; the three predator cats of the African plains: Cheetah, Leopard, and the almighty Lion. The fourth tribe allows all species to enter their borders. Each tribe has a name. The lions called their family Vigor, the cheetahs had a soft spot for Velocity, the leopards admired Delusive, and the fourth tribe chose Mélange as their title in this world.

Vigor is known for their strength against other tribes. They’re normally the ones who can be cruel towards others, only wanting to worry about themselves. Quite frankly, they’d rather have this world be ruled under the iron fist of their leader. They have respect for any prides around them, but would do anything for their leader.

The cheetahs of Velocity are not fighters. They protect each other and help support one another, but they will never accept war. They are usually the ones who won’t take sides against another tribe. They think of everyone as equal individuals and just don’t have the heart to kill unless it’s for dinner. They can be really violent, but would flee over fighting in a heartbeat.

Leopards of Delusive are said to have inherited the intelligence of our humans. They’ve learned to harvest minerals from the dirt to create armor for war. They’ve also come up with a unique way of hunting in large groups. They think before acting and have a tight bond with those around them. They believe they’ve come up with a way to cheat death, but obviously that isn’t true. Delusive members are hateful to the big cats outside of their tribe.

Mélange is the strongest of all prides, but with all the variety of personalities a lot of fights are rumored to break out between their members. Having such a variety of big cats they have to have a powerful leader able to keep everyone in line. Though they have a few leopards in the tribe, though don’t stop to think and, instead, use force to rise to the top.

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