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Rules to Running with a Reason Empty Rules to Running with a Reason

Post  MinaKitsune on Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:32 pm

Okay the rules are:

1. No offensive material like swearing. (mild language is okay though
example: Damn it, ect. If you have to say the more offensive words, like f*ck, make sure to star out at least one letter.)

2. No human contact unless I say it's okay/it's part of the storyline.

3. Feel free to make your character unique. Do not be afraid to make gay, lesbian, homosexual, ect.

4. You may have as many characters as you wish, but you must roleplay all of them!

5. Your characters must be either a wolf, dog, or cat. If you want a different species of animal, PM me.

6. If you wish to make a clan/pack then please private message me and send me all the details, like punishments, rewards, rules, ranks, ect.

7. If you see a new pack category that is not owned by you, then please DO NOT try and claim it.

8. You may die in the roleplay. It is apart of life and it may happen. If so create a new character in it's place.

9. If you fight, sort it out with the person you're roleplaying with through PMs. Decide if they should get badly injured, be scarred, where or if anything hits, etc.

10. If someone cannot decide who wins the fight, then I will decide who wins.

11. You have to write at least a paragraph in your roleplay each time you post. You CANNOT just write one sentence.

12. NO GODMODDING! You can not control any other character that you are RPing with. If someone gives you permission to, then you may. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION.

13. No fighting with each other, it's petty and stupid.

If I think of any more rules I will update this.

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